Zuma Rock: Nigeria’s natural wonder

Zuma Rock or the “the Gateway to Abuja from Suleja” is situated in Niger State in northern Nigeria. It lies on the borders of Abuja, 107 kilometers from Minna along Abuja-Kaduna highway. Zuma Rock is considers as Nigeria’s iconic natural wonders, but many years ago it was used for defensive means in wars between the ancient Gwarri people of central Nigeria.

The Zuma Rock Nigerian Village was built just behind the rock for tourists. It is believed that the rock because of its face is the watchman of Federal Capital Territory. As the Zuma rock lies on the border of Niger State and Federal Capital Territory.

Zuma rock is unique amongst the other rocks in Nigeria because of its human face feature. Zuma rock human face is an interesting sight to behold as it looks straight ahead in the direction of the setting sun. The face has remained unchanged from immemorial time. It seems a face is threatening to swallow anyone passing by. The majestic rock is depicted on the hundred naira note of the Nigerian currency. Facing the Abuja-Kaduna expressway, the human faced rock conspicuously appears to swallow the road, rising majestically to a height of about 700m.

If you are fond of climbing and go hiking, it will be a great chance to see breathtaking views of Abuja and the surrounding areas. Climbing Zuma Rock is really hard and can be dangerous. It takes not less than 5 hours and demand good physical training.