Security of Naira currency

The Naira banknotes notes are protected by a number of security features to enable the recognition of genuine notes. Among the distinguishing features which could help to immediately recognize by touch and visibility are raised print, the security thread and the watermark. Another area such as the portrait, lettering and the denominational numerals on the front and the back are embossed. The raised print provides the facility, while the security thread, which ordinarily, looks broken but is not when held against the light, has "CBN" in small lettering printed on both sides of the notes.

The Naira banknotes are also protected against photocopying. There are features, which are visible under ultraviolet light; for example, the serial number on each note is black, but turns green under ultraviolet light. The currency notes issued in Nigeria are in: N5, N10, N20, N50, N100, N200, N500 and N1000 denominations and they are all of the same size, 151 x 78 mm. The paper used is a special paper with specific constituents which are unique to bank notes. The manufacturing process and the materials which are used provide the currency with the unique qualities, necessary to give the notes a long span of circulation. At the same time, these special features give a distinctive appearance and feel which is meant to protect it from imitation.