Nigerian National Mosque, Abuja

The Nigerian National Mosque is the national mosque for the teaming population of Muslims in Nigeria. It is located in the capital of the country, in Abuja. So it is often called the Abuja National Mosque as Mosque. The huge mosque was built in the 1980, but was opened to the public in 1984. It is opened to both Muslims and non-Muslims except the hours of the congregational prayers. The Nigerian National Mosque has become a national monument belonging to all Nigerians. There is impossible to find anyone who can miss the sight of this beautiful edifice in the city of Abuja!

The Abuja National Mosque is the largest mosque in Nigeria. The mosque consists of a conference center that can hold five hundred people, a library, the office for the Islamic Center and residential facilities for the imam and muezzin, religious school. It is perfect place for anyone seeking knowledge of Islam and Nigeria. The library contains priceless treasure - a wide variety of Islamic books.

The Nigerian National Mosque has a golden dome and very shiny architecture. The mosque is sometimes referred to as the best sight in the city of Abuja and is certainly worthy of a visit. The dome and minarets of the mosque are visible from most parts of Abuja.

The chief imam of the mosque is Ustadz Musa. Nigerian National Mosque is located in, the capital city of Nigeria, and is situated on Independence Avenue, close to the National Christian Center. The Nigerian National Mosque is also home to the office of the Islamic Centre and a religious school.

The Nigerian National Mosque is open for visiting every day from 12:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Many tourists are coming every year to this fascinating place! Glistering golden domes and magnificent minarets of the Abuja National Mosque impressive at once! Local guide will tell you interesting information during the awesome tour of the mosque!